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Didactic Resources

Didactic guides

La guía, La Edad del Bronce: del Cabezo Redondo al Museo Arqueológico, va dirigida a los niveles de Educación Primaria y Secundaria.

The Museum has two didactic guides to the school public

The Bronze Age: from the Cabezo Redondo through the Museum, is addressed to the primary and secondary school students, different and flexible activities allow to the teachers different pedagogic options.

The main goal is offer to teachers and students an adequate material to introduce the Cultural Heritage knowledge, comprehension, and enjoy.

The guides are divided in three sections:

-Information and content with classroom activities.
-Visit to the Cabezo Redondo site and the Archaeological Museum.
-Visit evaluation with work proposals in the classroom.

A previous appointmentis required for guided visits to the Museum and the Cabezo Redondo site Phone: 96 580 38 04

Length: 90 minutes
Groups size: 25 students