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Hunters and Pîckers

Up to now, the most ancient remains which are documented in Villena correspond to the MIDDLE PALEOLITHIC. (+ ampliar)


In the 5th millennium BC, the first communities of farmers and stockbreeders are developed and in this way the Neolithic begins and so, the first potteries. (+ ampliar)


The first metallurgic societies appear in the 3rd millennium BC, during the Eneolithic or Calcolithic. (+ ampliar)

Urban culture

The Iberian Culture is magnificently expressed in the museum. (+ ampliar)

The romanization

The roman finds come from superficial explorations and show that the romanization was powerful. (+ ampliar)

Medieval Age

The growth that the city undergoes during the Middle Age is represented by two outstanding fortresses: Salvatierra and La Atalaya. (+ ampliar)

Modern Society

One can see the constant evolution of the modern city by the everyday life objects. (+ ampliar)